Terms and Conditions

CORESTA AP2023 Conference

CORESTA is hosting the CORESTA AP2023 Conference in Cancun, Mexico, in October 2023. These Terms & Conditions govern the registration and attendance by an Attendee at the Conference.

1.    Definitions

  • Accompanying person means an individual (not a colleague) who is accompanying a delegate.
  • Attendee means an individual who is either a delegate or an accompanying person.
  • Conference means the CORESTA AP2023 Conference, which is due to take place at the venue from 15 October until 19 October inclusive.
  • CORESTA means the association whose purpose is to promote and facilitate international cooperation and best practices in scientific research relative to tobacco and its derived products.
  • CTC means Comercializadora Turistica Continental, S.A. de C.V., the local Mexican agency who is assisting CORESTA in the organisation of the CORESTA AP2023 Conference
  • Delegate means an individual who has competed the appropriate registration which entitles that individual to attend any of the talks and lectures during the Conference.
  • Host CORESTA is hosting the CORESTA AP2023 Conference.
  • Intellectual property means any and all rights in and to patents (including supplementary protection certificates), copyrights, moral rights, industrial design rights, trade marks, service marks, business or trade names, domain names, get-up, database rights, business or trade secrets, confidential information, know-how and all other property rights (whether registered or unregistered, registrable or unregistrable), together with all other rights of a similar or corresponding character or nature and all applications and/or rights to apply for the same anywhere in the world.
  • Losses means all losses, claims, liabilities, costs, charges, expenses and damages of any kind irrespective of whether they were reasonably foreseeable or avoidable or arising directly or indirectly.
  • Meetings means the meetings of the CORESTA Sub-Groups and Task Forces (SGTF) and Committees that may be held prior to, during, or after the Conference.
  • Registration means the registration process described under condition 2 below to be completed by individuals wishing to attend the Conference whereby places for the Conference are booked and paid for.
  • Venue means the conference hotel “The Pyramid at Grand Oasis Cancun”.

2.    Ordering process and payment

2.1.    Registration for the Conference may be undertaken through the Conference website operated by CORESTA, from 29 May 2023 until 22 September 2023 (inclusive), subject to availability.
2.2.    Payment for delegate fees (as set out below) should be made at the time of purchase via the Conference website. Any queries should be dedicated to the registration team by email at ndetervarent@coresta.org or by phone on +33 1 58 62 58 70. Registration will not be confirmed and attendance at the Conference will not be guaranteed until payment has been received in full by CORESTA.

3.    Registration

3.1.    There is a limited number of delegate places for the Conference and the host accepts no responsibility if places are unavailable.
3.2.    All attendees must be at least 18 years of age and the host will not admit delegates who they reasonable believe to be under 18. Proof of age might be requested on attendance.
3.3.    The host may refuse registration and/or attendance to the Conference and/or accompanying person programme to any individual for any reason whatsoever, at its absolute discretion.
3.4.    Registration fees are non-transferable, non-exchangeable and refundable only in accordance with conditions stated below, unless otherwise agreed by the host at its absolute discretion. Places which have been booked for the Conference may not be transferred to a third party. Entry will be refused where the host believes that an individual is attempting entry to the Conference in breach of condition 3.5.
3.5.    Registration fees will not cover any event, expenses, costs or charges incurred by any attendee, other than specifically set out below.


3.6.    The delegate registration fees are as follows:
a)    If the delegate is not a member of a CORESTA Member Organisation (“Non-member delegate registration”):
i.    For registration completed before and including 31 July 2023: €900
ii.    For registration completed on or after 1 August 2023: €1100
b)    If the delegate is a member of a CORESTA Member Organisation (“Member delegate registration”):
i.    For registration completed before and including 31 July 2023: €690
ii.    For registration completed on or after 1 August 2023: €840
3.7.    Registrations must be received by 12:00 pm 31 July 2023 in order for the preferential rate to apply. Where registrations have not been received by the deadline, the delegate registration fee set out under condition 3.6.a)i and 3.6.b)ii above will apply.
3.8.    The cost of the delegate registration will entitle one person to the following:
a)    Entrance to all sessions, talks and presentations taking place at the Conference (as highlighted below under condition 4.);
b)    Attendance at the Welcome Reception and Closing Dinner;
c)    Refreshments during breaks during the Conference;
d)    Conference bag and information documents.
e)    Attendance at one or more of the CORESTA Sub-Group and Task Force (SGTF) Meetings that may be held prior to, during, or after the Conference, excluding ACAC.
3.9.    If the delegate has booked accommodation at a hotel other than the The Pyramid at Grand Oasis Cancún or The Grand Oasis Cancún, a daily pass will have to be purchased onsite for US$80-90 to gain access to the SSPT2023 Conference and Meetings. The daily pass will cover food and drinks during the day until 6 pm only.


3.10.    No programme has been arranged for accompanying persons and therefore there is no registration fee charged.
3.11.    To avoid misunderstandings, accompanying persons are not allowed entry to any of the Meetings and/or Conference sessions, talks or presentations, and related breaks.

4.    Conference and Meeting Programme

4.1.    The scheduled Conference programme is as follows:
a)    Saturday 14 October 2023 – Sub-Group and Task Force Meetings;
b)    Sunday 15 October 2023 – Sub-Group and Task Force Meetings; Registration; Welcome Reception;
b)    Monday 16 October 2023 – Technical presentations;
c)    Tuesday 17 October 2023 – Technical presentations;
d)    Wednesday 18 October 2023 – Technical presentations;
e)    Thursday 19 October 2023 – Technical presentations; Closing Dinner
4.2.    A more detailed programme will be provided as part of the Conference papers. The Conference programme above is provisional only and CORESTA reserves the right to alter this programme at any time.

5.    Accommodation

5.1.    The registration fees do not include accommodation during the Conference, which should be arranged and paid for by the attendees. The host has negotiated rates with the hotel The Pyramid at Grand Oasis Cancún and The Grand Oasis Cancún. Details can be found on the accommodation link via the Conference website. The host shall have no liability whatsoever for any losses incurred by the attendee at such accommodation.

6.    Insurance

6.1.    Attendees will be responsible for securing any insurance deemed necessary for attending the Conference.

7.    The Host´s Right of refusal

7.1.    The host reserves the right in their absolute discretion to exclude or remove from the Conference any attendee whose presence (in the sole opinion of the host) is or is likely to be undesirable and cause disruption to the Conference. Examples of these types of behavior include, but are not limited to: abuse of attendees either physically or verbally, causing damage to any property owned by the host, other attendees or the venue, disrupting any speakers or discussions at the Conference and any other behavior or action that in the opinion of the host is likely to cause harm, offence, loss or disruption to the Conference in any way whatsoever.
7.2.    Any attendee who is refused entry will not be entitled to a refund of their registration fees and the host accepts no liability whatsoever to any attendee who is refused entry grounds.
7.3.    Any attendee who is in breach of any part of this condition 7. will be liable for all losses incurred by the host, the venue owners, other attendees and any other third parties arising as a result of their breach.

8.    Changes to the Conference

8.1.    The host accepts no responsibility for any cancellations of any of the sessions, evening events or for any change to the order that speakers appear or times that events are due to take place.
8.2.    The host gives no guarantee that any advertised speakers will be present ate the Conference nor that specific attendees will attend the Conference.
8.3.    In the event that dates for the Conference are changed, attendees are entitled to cancel their registration and request a full refund. The host will not be responsible for any other costs incurred by an attendee as a result of such cancellation, including any changes relating to cancelled accommodation.

9.    Cancellation and refund

9.1.    The host reserves the right to cancel the Conference for any reason on 30 day´s written notice to the attendee in which event the host shall refund the attendee the entire cost of any registration fees. The host will not be responsible for any other costs incurred by an attendee as a result of such cancellation, including any charges relating to cancelled accommodation.
9.2.    The attendee is entitled to cancel their registration at any time. However, a refund of the registration fees will only be available to the attendee if CORESTA receives a cancellation request on or before 15 September 2023 – Full refund (less €30 handling fee). Where the host receives a cancellation request any time after 15 September 2023 and no shows – No refund and the host shall have no further liability to any attendees. All cancellation requests must be communicated via email to the host´s registration team and the host will have no liability for any cancellation requests which fail to be submitted for any technical reasons whatsoever. Cancellation requests received via any other means will not be accepted.

10.    VISA requirements and letters of invitation

10.1.    If an overseas individual needs a visa to attend the Conference and is required by the Mexican authorities to demonstrate a reason for entry to Mexico, then an attendee can apply to the host to provide a letter of invitation to the Conference which can be shown to any such authorities as evidence in a visa application (“Letter of invitation” via link on the Conference website). The host is not obliged to provide any such “Letter of invitation” and does so in its sole and absolute discretion. If the host refuses to provide any “Letter of invitation” any registration fees which have been paid will be refunded. The host does not warrant that any “Letter of invitation” will be accurate, correct, or accepted by the relevant authorities in a visa application and the host accepts no liability whatsoever in relation to any such “Letter of invitation”.
10.2.    Where an individual requires a “Letter of invitation” from the host, this must be made clear at the time of registration.
10.3.    In order to provide a “Letter of invitation” the corresponding “Letter of invitation” form that is provided on the website has to be filled by the applicant and together with a scan of the passport’s data sheet both documents have to be submitted vie email to ndetervarent@coresta.org for the further processing by CORESTA.

11.    Intellectual property

11.1.    The attendee shall not use, nor acquire by these Terms and Conditions or any activity under it, nor represent in any way that it is entitled to any rights in or to CORESTA intellectual property which, together with all goodwill attaching thereto, is and shall remain the sole property of CORESTA.
11.2.    The attendee undertakes not at alter, supplement, interfere with or obscure CORESTA´s intellectual property used in relation to or at the Conference. This includes, but is not limited to, all materials provided at the Conference and any materials provided by CORESTA or a third party whether communicated orally or otherwise. Any such materials cannot be used or copied or transferred to any other media by any attendee for any purpose other than for use at the Conference in particular, the attendee shall not be entitled to:
a)    Make recordings of any talks, seminars, presentations or other audiovisual aspects of the Conference;
b)    Photocopy or make electronical copies of any physical or digital materials provided to the attendees during the Conference; and/or
c)    Distribute, circulate or make available to third parties via the internet or otherwise provided to attendees during the Conference.
11.3.    The attendee shall at all times indemnify and keep indemnified CORESTA from and against any and losses, incurred or suffered by them in relation to any unauthorized use by the attendee (or any person acting on its behalf) of any of CORESTA´s intellectual property.

12.    Liability

12.1.    The host cannot be held responsible for the failure of any third parties to provide goods or services at the Conference and who fail to fulfill their obligations associated with the Conference.
12.2.    The host is not responsible in any way whatsoever for the content, accuracy or reliability of any information provided, considered, discussed or presented at the Conference.
12.3.    Save in the case of death or personal injury caused by the negligence of the host, and except in relation to indirect losses (defined below), (in respect of which the host shall have no liability), the liability of the host under these Terms & Conditions whether for breach of contract, negligence or otherwise, shall not exceed an amount equal to the registration fees paid by the attendee. For the purposes of this paragraph, “indirect losses” means any indirect or consequential loss including but not limited to loss of profits, loss of revenue, loss of goodwill, loss of custom, loss of business, and loss of reputation, whether foreseeable or unforeseeable.

13.    Data protection

13.1.    The host requires certain information about the attendee in order to process registration and to organize and host the Conference. The attendee must ensure that they have obtained the consent of any third parties upon whose behalf they are making a registration to provide their information before doing so. The host will only use the information supplied by the attendee in accordance with this clause 13.
13.2.    The information the host requires from the attendee includes their name, email address and telephone number (“Contact information”). The host will also need details of any food allergies and preferences and/or disabilities and/or serious medical conditions (such as epilepsy) affecting the attendee so that the host can make suitable catering arrangements and provision for the attendee´s health and safety during the Conference (“Medical information”). In addition, if the attendee requires a letter of invitation to support their visa application, the host will require the attendee´s passport details, including their nationality, passport number and date of issue (“Passport information”). Finally, the host will require payment details in order to process a registration ("Payment information”).
13.3.    The attendee´s contact information will be used by the host to organize and host the Conference. The host may pass the attendee´s contact information to third parties who are assisting the host with the organizing and hosting the Conference. Following the Conference, CORESTA will retain the attendee´s contact information in order to notify the attendee of future CORESTA events and to keep a record of attendance at the Conference. Such contact information may be passed to third parties hosting future events. If the attendee does not wish for their contact information to be used in this way, they should notify CORESTA by email at ndetervarent@coresta.org. Following the Conference other third parties involved in organizing the Conference will not retain the attendee´s contact information.
13.4.    The attendee´s medical information and passport information will only be used by the host in order to organize and host the Conference and to issue the attendee with a letter of invitation if required. Such information will be kept confidential but may be passed to third parties in order to assist the host with organizing and hosting the Conference. The attendee´s medical information and passport information will be permanently deleted from the host´s records (and those of any third parties assisting the host) within three months of the end of the Conference.
13.5.    The attendees payment information will be used by the host in order to process registration. CORESTA will not have access to this information and such information will be securely stored, used and processed in accordance with the host´s privacy policy. Please note such information will be kept confidential but may be passed to third parties in order to assist the host with the processing orders for registration. The attendees´s payment information will be retained by the host and/or other parties strictly in accordance with French laws and regulations, but will not be used for any purpose other than processing registration and maintaining legal records thereafter. Such parties holding the attendee´s payment information shall permanently delete this information from their records as soon as they are legally able to do so.
13.6.    The data collected from the attendee may be transferred to, and stored at, a destination outside the European Economic Area (EEA). It may also be processed by the staff operating outside the EEA who work for the host or for one of their suppliers or affiliates. By submitting personal data the attendee agrees to this transfer, storing and processing.
13.7.    The host will take reasonable technical and organizational security measures to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration or unlawful disclosure of information it collects from the attendee. However, the transmission of information via the internet is not completely secure and although the host will do its best to protect the attendee´s personal data, the host cannot guarantee the security of data transmitted to its website and the attendee acknowledges and agrees that any transmission is at their own risk.
13.8.    The French Data Protection Act, also known as the "Loi informatique et libertés," in line with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), gives individuals the right to access information held about them. The attendee´s right to access can be exercised in accordance with the act.
13.9.    All information submitted by individuals within the framework of this website will be deleted six months after the Conference.

14.    General

14.1.    All attendees will be bound by any terms imposed by any third parties providing services and/or goods at the Conference.
14.2.    The host shall not be liable to the attendee by reason of cancellation of the Conference, either as a whole or in part, for any non performance of their obligations under these Terms & Conditions or for any amendments or alterations to all or any of the rules or regulations of the Conference, in each case to the extent that such occurrence is due to circumstances not within the host´s reasonable control.
14.3.    No failure or delay by any party to exercise any right, power or remedy will operate as a waiver or it nor will any partial exercise preclude any further exercise of the same, or of some other right, power or remedy (whether provided by law, equity or these Terms & Conditions).
14.4.    None of these Terms & Conditions are intended to confer a benefit on or be enforceable by any third parties under the contracts in conformity with the French Data Protection Act.
14.5.    If any provision of these Terms & Conditions is found by any court or other authority to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable than that provision shall, to the extent required, be severed from these Terms & Conditions and shall be of no effect without, so far as possible, modifying any of the other provisions which shall remain in full force and effect.
14.6.    These Terms & Conditions set out the entire agreement between the parties and supersede any previous agreement or arrangement between the parties relating to the subject matter of it.
14.7.    These Terms & Conditions shall, in all respects, be construed and interpreted and shall receive effect in accordance with French law and the parties each submit to the exclusive French jurisdiction.